29 Inches

It seems totally appropriate that on the day of my first post ever to the 29er Crew blog that I spent the day digging out of 29 inches of snow here in Bethesda Maryland.  It’s the most snow we’ve gotten in the Washington DC area since 1996, when we got 26 inches.  Back then I was a racing on a 26 inch hardtail.  Coincidence?   I don’t think so.  Time goes by, people evolve and so does technology.  A light 29 inch wheeled bike is an advantage.  Few would argue that Fisher bikes aren’t among the best.  That’s why I’m here: the bikes are inspiring.

It was a 5+ hour workout for my wife and I.  First we dug out our cars, then shoveled the sidewalk, then our neighbor’s walk (she’s 96 and I really should not be shoveling snow ;-), then another neighbor’s car.. It’s amazing how productive you can be when you think of this “chore” as training.  I try to remember to shovel lefty half the time so the ab-intensive workout is not imbalanced… I’m weird that way!

29 Inches of Snow

Rather than ride the trainer, tomorrow we’re going to head out on our cross country skis through the mostly still unplowed streets of our suburban neighborhood.  Why fight it?

I’m really looking forward to this year riding and representing Gary Fisher… and to maybe meeting some of my equally inspired 29er Crew teammates at the races.

In terms of the calendar, I’m planning on six of the 100 mile NUE races again this year on single speed, interspersed with some local regional cross country events on my geared bike… that is if I can get the Eurovan dug out!


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