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Cohuttas in the rain

Posted in Must do Races on April 27, 2010 by rogeremasse

This past weekend was the NUE 100-mile MTB race series opener in the Cohutta Mountains in Tennessee and North Georgia. My season is centered around doing 6 of these races between now and mid-Sept.

The race went well. I was feeling about how I expected to feel fitness-wise. The Single Speed field seems to be more stacked this year, with 2006 NUE series open champion Harlan Price committing to the 2010 series (on a Superfly single speed I might add) and Gerry Pflug returning to defend his NUE SS title from last year, it seems like the rest of us are left fighting for the few remaining podium spots. Realistically, I thought 3rd or 4th place would be possible with a great race. Continue reading



Posted in Observations on April 13, 2010 by rogeremasse

Gary was my first Fisher.

I know, not a very original name for a 07 Paragon, but none-the-less, it’s the name that stuck. Gary is no longer mine, having been sold to my neighbor Bobby-G last year. I must say Gary is showing his age rather well.

Gary, the Fisher Paragon

Built from scratch, Gary is an orange Paragon in size large. Bontrager makes the stem and carbon riser bar. Thomson makes the post, although in hind site, the Race-X-lite ACC would have been more comfy. Live and learn. Gary’s got a Shimano XT triple crank and front derailleur with the remainder of the drivetrain furnished by SRAM: X9 shifters with X0 rear derailleur. The fork is the tried-and-true RockShox Reba 29. Hayes hydraulics provide the stopping.

Still a great ride

I had the chance to take Gary out for a spin at Bobby-G’s birthday party last weekend and I was re-reminded of how much fun that bike is to ride. I mean it’s nothing special when compared to an SRAM XX equipped Carbon SuperFly, but it’s price-point makes it attainable to more than people with money burning holes in their pockets and us sponsored racer types.

Fun awaits

Gary is a clean bike that likes to get dirty. He inspires confidence and is just plain fun to ride! If you’re still reading and you don’t have a 29er, what are you waiting for? Go out and get one!