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Geared or Single?

Posted in Just for fun on June 15, 2010 by rogeremasse

Geared or Single? Having a Single Speed Superfly race bike that I’m using in the NUE races and the Geared Team Superfly I’m using for everything else, It’s always a challenge choosing a bike for a long weekend of riding. 29ercrew I love riding my single speed at least one day, but depending on terrain, I’m often able to ride more difficult terrain on the geared bike… resulting in more fun. With three or more friends sharing a ride, bringing the extra bike is usually not an option.

This past weekend was just such a trip. My friend Pete Johnson hosted friends Mike Gallagher, Christophe Cataisson, Jeff Haggquist, Mike Kruhlak, Jason Gull and myself for 3 days of mountain bike riding in Canaan Valley WV. Pete invites us out to his place once or twice a year for some of the best riding on the east coast. So in preparing for my trip, I had to ask Geared or Single? Continue reading


Mohican in the mud

Posted in Must do Races on June 10, 2010 by rogeremasse

I too this past weekend subjected my gorgeous Superfly to a very long day of extreme weather at race #2 of the NUE series, the Mohican 100. mohican_start Rain, mud, hail, power outages, thunderstorms… Loudonville Ohio had it all.

The results weren’t pretty. A lackluster day left me in 10th place single speed and the brutal conditions left me needing to replace a bunch of parts on my beloved including two sets of brake pads, a bottom bracket and headset bearings. Despite all of the slow gritty part destruction discovered well after the fact, my bike performed perfectly. mohican_mud_turn

I ran Bontrager front-specific 29-3 tires both front and rear (with the rear one mounted backwards for improved climbing traction). Seem crazy? While a mud tire like the Mud-X 29 would have surely been better in the single track, the 29-3’s really roll on the pavement and fireroads… and I was amazed at how well they held in the varieties of mud encountered during my long day.

I must acknowledge the superior results from some of my crew teammates, including Simonster for his 2nd place mens open finish… sweet, Travis Mullen for squeaking on the open podium in 5th, Dave Wood who just missed the men’s open podium in 6th, Robert Herriman for destroying the Masters field and to Jason Pruitt with a great ride to finish 5th in single speed. You guys are awesome!

Mohican 100