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Curse of Dark Hollow

Posted in Must do Races on July 26, 2010 by rogeremasse

So after a six week hiatus from bike racing due to a tick-borne infectious disease that had me flat on my back for nearly three weeks, I finally threw my hat back in the ring yesterday. I’ve been training hard for the last three weeks in an attempt to recover lost fitness and to prepare for some salvaging of late season results. The Curse of Dark Hollow is by most accounts the easiest of the three Michaux courses. Despite this, I aways seem to have bad luck with mechanical problems in this second race of the three Michaux Endurance Series events. The 2010 edition would be no exception.

Since the Michaux races are among the hardest and most technically challenging races around, easy is also a relative term. Riding the rocks of Michaux State Forest for 40 miles is always a challenge.

The forecast was for a hot and humid day with afternoon thunderstorms. It looked like we were going to be done racing before any rain, but the heat was definitely going to take its toll on the racers.

At the pre-race meeting, suited up and ready to ride my SRAM equipped geared Superfly, the promotor announces that the start this year would be LeMans style rather than the what is usually a start with two-minute waves by category. Groans can be heard.  A LeMans start suits me just fine, since I do a moderate amount of running as cross training and the Masters category which I entered is usually the 3rd wave anyway. Apart from the fact that I’m not 100% sure who’s even in the Masters field, things are shaping up!
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Alleghany Gran Fondo

Posted in Training on July 14, 2010 by rogeremasse

What is a Gran Fondo anyway? …Think of it as a marathon for cyclists.

Alleghany Gran Fondo

Alleghany Gran Fondo

The Gran Fondo originates in Italy and is commonly translated as Big Ride. In Europe these are mass start rides, often honoring a former renowned bike racer like Eddy Merckx or Marco Pantani. They can attract up to 10,000 riders of all types. True European fondos are like races for the masses, sometimes with full road closures; a cool concept but often not practical here in and around urban America due to traffic density.

If you’re willing to get yourself out into the county a little bit, Gran Fondo popularity, at least in the mid-atlantic, has been on the rise. Several of these events have been conducted this year already to the wild praises of participating riders. Now that I’ve done one for myself, I can understand why.

Alleghany Gran Fondo Garmin Data

Garmin Data for the Alleghany Gran Fondo

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