Rest Week

Here we are on the last day of the month in Feb which also happens to be the first day of a rest week for me. I both hate and love this time of the year. There’s really not that much to write about. Work, eat, sleep, train, repeat. …not really that interesting. There is, however, something oddly satisfying about looking forward to an easy week of training after a hard 3 week block. My legs are feeling pretty lame today, but I know in a weeks time, they’ll need to, and will be back in the game better than ever. This block will be the longest of the year hour-wise. After that, some of the extreme volume gets replaced with intensity.

On my training ride yesterday, Andrea Ramos Bosak asked me So, what are your goals for this year?, I confidently answered Well, I’ll be 50 this year and so plan on winning the NUE Series Masters category. The National Ultra Endurance Series is a 11 race national series of 100 mile mountain bike races. Immediately realizing this was a bold statement, I quickly added It’s my *goal* to win the NUE Masters Category… I mean, I’ll have competition.

After a brief pause, she replied, So will they…

Yes, so will they. Thank you Andrea.


One Response to “Rest Week”

  1. Mike Gallagher Says:

    nice block roger! and through all that cold.

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