Big Block

Since my team, the Terps didn’t even make the NCAA tournament this year, while most of you are off doing early season mud races, I’ve been authoring my own version of March Madness… this in the form of a crazy-high hours training block. Since I loosely follow a Friel training plan, there is the three week block near the end of the base period that represents the biggest training volume of the year… the big block.

Most of this is riding time and most of that on my road, cross or single speed commuting bike… yes road bikes. I finally broke out my Trek Superfly 29er single speed yesterday to close out a 25 hour week with an awesome ride up in the Frederick watershed. It’s time to become a mountain biker again.

March Madness

Trek Madone

The most common question I get is how do you have time to keep a schedule like that?.

  1. Commit to it… dive in like a bee is committed to honey or like my friend Team Dickey’s commitment to blogging about all things Sonya Looney. It’s only three weeks!
  2. Minimize the amount of time it actually takes to get your butt riding. Most of my long rides were weekend rides from the house. Driving to a ride and then driving home afterwards can take more time then the actual ride! Get some good lights and integrate some commuting to work by bike, beats sitting in traffic on the Washington DC Beltway.
  3. Don’t let the weather change your plans… much. Get some fenders and some rain gear. Get some studded snow tires for the cross bike in the winter. With the right gear, it’s not so bad really. The nice thing about Fisher Collection cross and road bikes, is they have mounts for full coverage fenders. Yes fenders look dorky, but they keep your cloths and drivetrain cleaner.
  4. Eat a lot but eat well. I chowed during my big block but I actually lost a little weight. I think it was due to the fact that I wasn’t using my big block as an excuse to eat a bunch of crap…

I did reward myself however, with a donut and coffee after the Watershed ride!

See you out there.
Presidio with fenders and studs


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