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Posted in Must do Races on September 24, 2011 by rogeremasse

Gnar, Old school West Virginia style Gnar. That’s how Gunnar Shogren, the 2010 Masters winner of last year’s Revenge of the Rattlesnake, described this year’s edition. With my average speed clocking in at just over 8 miles-per-hour, I must agree. Last year was hard. This year was ridiculous. If you like difficult terrain, this race is for you.

Stop #4 in West Virginia Mountain Bike Association‘s Ultra series, Revenge of the Rattlesnake usually starts and ends at Blackwater Bikes in Davis WV. Davis is an east-coast mountain biking mecca. There are so many miles of mountain bike trails accessible from town, race promoter Todd Romero continues the long tradition of a different gnarly course each year.

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Posted in Must do Races on September 9, 2011 by rogeremasse

The Shenandoah Mountain 100, the final stop in the NUE series is the most important race of the season. Not only is it the last race in this 100-mile MTB race series, but it is also where series ties are broken. You are guaranteed to win the NUE series if you have four wins at the end of the year, one of which is Shenandoah.

Shortly after the Wilderness 101, Doug the Hulk Andrews, one of my NUE Masters rivals, already had 4 wins.  I was mathematically eliminated from a possible series win. It was looking like Doug would not even have to make the trip to the final race, baring one possible scenario…  With a win at the Fools Gold, the 2010 NUE Masters champion and my 29er Crew teammate Robert Herriman still threatened. If Robert won there, he would have 3 wins. Those combined with a tie breaking win at Shenandoah would make him the series winner again. I wanted the strongest riders in attendance at the final race so that I could punctuate a less-than-perfect season with a win. And if I couldn’t do that, maybe I could somehow help my teammate win the series. Continue reading

Rattling 50

Posted in Must do Races on September 2, 2011 by rogeremasse

Mike Kuhn Dog Kuhn, the promoter of the Transylvania Epic Mountain Bike Stage Race, is also the propulsion behind several other awesome bike racing events in the Mid Atlantic area, one of which is the Rattling 50. Rumored to be The Best Endurance MTB Course in the Mid-Atlantic, the Rattling Creek MTB Marathon in Weiser State Forest represents some of the best east-coast style rock riding around. These trails have great flow despite the numerous rock gardens that demand careful navigation.
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