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Big Block

Posted in Training on March 29, 2011 by rogeremasse

Since my team, the Terps didn’t even make the NCAA tournament this year, while most of you are off doing early season mud races, I’ve been authoring my own version of March Madness… this in the form of a crazy-high hours training block. Since I loosely follow a Friel training plan, there is the three week block near the end of the base period that represents the biggest training volume of the year… the big block.

Most of this is riding time and most of that on my road, cross or single speed commuting bike… yes road bikes. I finally broke out my Trek Superfly 29er single speed yesterday to close out a 25 hour week with an awesome ride up in the Frederick watershed. It’s time to become a mountain biker again.
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Rest Week

Posted in Training on February 28, 2011 by rogeremasse

Here we are on the last day of the month in Feb which also happens to be the first day of a rest week for me. I both hate and love this time of the year. There’s really not that much to write about. Work, eat, sleep, train, repeat. …not really that interesting. There is, however, something oddly satisfying about looking forward to an easy week of training after a hard 3 week block. My legs are feeling pretty lame today, but I know in a weeks time, they’ll need to, and will be back in the game better than ever. This block will be the longest of the year hour-wise. After that, some of the extreme volume gets replaced with intensity.

On my training ride yesterday, Andrea Ramos Bosak asked me So, what are your goals for this year?, I confidently answered Well, I’ll be 50 this year and so plan on winning the NUE Series Masters category. The National Ultra Endurance Series is a 11 race national series of 100 mile mountain bike races. Immediately realizing this was a bold statement, I quickly added It’s my *goal* to win the NUE Masters Category… I mean, I’ll have competition.

After a brief pause, she replied, So will they…

Yes, so will they. Thank you Andrea.

Alleghany Gran Fondo

Posted in Training on July 14, 2010 by rogeremasse

What is a Gran Fondo anyway? …Think of it as a marathon for cyclists.

Alleghany Gran Fondo

Alleghany Gran Fondo

The Gran Fondo originates in Italy and is commonly translated as Big Ride. In Europe these are mass start rides, often honoring a former renowned bike racer like Eddy Merckx or Marco Pantani. They can attract up to 10,000 riders of all types. True European fondos are like races for the masses, sometimes with full road closures; a cool concept but often not practical here in and around urban America due to traffic density.

If you’re willing to get yourself out into the county a little bit, Gran Fondo popularity, at least in the mid-atlantic, has been on the rise. Several of these events have been conducted this year already to the wild praises of participating riders. Now that I’ve done one for myself, I can understand why.

Alleghany Gran Fondo Garmin Data

Garmin Data for the Alleghany Gran Fondo

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Training Camp

Posted in Training on March 22, 2010 by rogeremasse

I just got back from a long weekend of trying to ride and act like a roadie. For me, this is a fairly unnatural but important act that starts the process of converting the long hours of low-to-moderate intensity base training into some race-ready fitness. In my home near Washington DC, the DC Velo racing team invited me to train with them for 4 days of riding in the northern virginia mountains near the Wintergreen Resort. Continue reading

29 Inches

Posted in Training on February 6, 2010 by rogeremasse

It seems totally appropriate that on the day of my first post ever to the 29er Crew blog that I spent the day digging out of 29 inches of snow here in Bethesda Maryland.  It’s the most snow we’ve gotten in the Washington DC area since 1996, when we got 26 inches.  Back then I was a racing on a 26 inch hardtail.  Coincidence?   I don’t think so.  Time goes by, people evolve and so does technology.  A light 29 inch wheeled bike is an advantage.  Few would argue that Fisher bikes aren’t among the best.  That’s why I’m here: the bikes are inspiring.

It was a 5+ hour workout for my wife and I.  First we dug out our cars, then shoveled the sidewalk, then our neighbor’s walk (she’s 96 and I really should not be shoveling snow ;-), then another neighbor’s car.. It’s amazing how productive you can be when you think of this “chore” as training.  I try to remember to shovel lefty half the time so the ab-intensive workout is not imbalanced… I’m weird that way!

29 Inches of Snow

Rather than ride the trainer, tomorrow we’re going to head out on our cross country skis through the mostly still unplowed streets of our suburban neighborhood.  Why fight it?

I’m really looking forward to this year riding and representing Gary Fisher… and to maybe meeting some of my equally inspired 29er Crew teammates at the races.

In terms of the calendar, I’m planning on six of the 100 mile NUE races again this year on single speed, interspersed with some local regional cross country events on my geared bike… that is if I can get the Eurovan dug out!